Like with normal dental situations, sometimes the unexpected happens when wearing braces. Dr. Derick Phan wants you to be prepared if you have an orthodontic emergency in Almaden Valley and San Jose, California.

Emergency Orthodontics

Discomfort During or After Orthodontic Adjustments

Your braces and brackets are putting steady pressure on your teeth in order to move them into different positions. Discomfort and a sore, aching feeling after an orthodontic adjustment is normal. We suggest taking a mild over-the counter pain medication for relief and using a warm washcloth or heating mat to reduce jaw discomfort.

Loose Brackets or Poking Wires

If you have a loose bracket or a poking wire, please schedule an appointment at our office as soon as possible. These may need to be replaced or refitted. If the wire is irritating you, cover the end with a cotton swab to cushion and protect the irritated area until we can fix the issue at your appointment.

Missing Separators

Losing a separator is a common issue during orthodontic treatment. If this happens, contact our orthodontist and team to schedule a visit and have the separator replaced.

For any other orthodontic emergency, such as damage to your mouth or dental trauma, contact Almaden Valley Surfside Kids Dental at 408-770-9383 to schedule a visit with us. Our team of specialists is ready to provide you with the help you need.

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